Zayirna Project

The first interactive, secured, controlled and efficient AI stream cameras solution for at all Bahrain events

Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA) launches Zayirna

Manama, Bahrain, October 1st 2021,

Currently BTEA arrange and launch free and open events that span over days and long hours. BTEA was using a manual counting mechanism to count the number of visitors, while lacking the exact and accurate numbers of unique visitors, visitors’ segments (males, females and children) and visiting peak time. 

In response, the Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) at Bahrain Polytechnic that is sponsored by Tamkeen, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and in partnership with BTEA has created an interactive solution to facilitate the counting and reporting number of visitors that were handled manually in the past.

The students at the Bahrain Polytechnic (CIC) utilized AWS Deeplens; the world’s first deep learning enabled video camera to prototype Zayirna (the solution name which means our visitor in Arabic). Zayirna used the basics of deep learning – a machine learning technique that uses neural networks to learn and make predictions – through computer vision. AWS DeepLens brought new skills, knowledge and capability to the students to run deep learning models locally on the camera to analyze and take action on what it sees.

BTEA events manager through has several functionalities like planning an event, schedule start and stop activating AWS Deeplens Cameras, view an interactive real time dashboard that shows exact unique numbers of visitors, males, females and children per event. There is also an archive and table to compare events, number of visitors, peak time, dates and locations and per each exit/entry gate. The archived reports avails insights about visitors, time preference to visit and even with capturing their emotions with face recognition if they are happy or not. Zayirna is saving temporary faces on a temporary database and wiped out at the end of every session for privacy reasons the data will not be saved nor shared with anyone.

AWS deployed High Definition Cameras (Deeplens) that are connected to Machine Learning solution based on Amazon Sagemaker and Amazon rekognition with Amazon kenesis video stream analytics and deployed on AWS DynamoDB database, with QuickSight real time dashboard. Zayirna also utilizes several technologies like AWS Lambda with its serverless computing and Amazon Simple Notification Services (SNS).

Zayirna has enhanced customer and staff satisfaction as well as visitors’ safety, insights and accuracy. It has also enabled employees to spend their time on more efficient, innovative and important tasks. Zayirna also enabled BTEA to proactively plan events and activities, less manpower on site, Consolidated reports, real time and for all events and accurate marketing information.


“I’m impressed with this use of cloud technology to solve a real world challenge. More generally it’s great to see Bahraini students leading innovation not only in Bahrain but across the region” said Ben Butler, Global Cloud Innovation Centers Leader at AWS.

“I would like to take the chance to express our real appreciation for the tremendous efforts, creativity and innovation spirit; the keys for making great ideas become a reality”, said Reem Tawfiqi Head of Tourism Relations Marketing & Tourism Promotion Directorate.

Zayirna in Visuals

Have a look at how Zayirna should work

Customer FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The prototype was developed at the CIC and AWS will provide the AWS credit to develop and test this solution, and the only cost required is the internet connectivity to access the application and backend that is on the cloud.

Minimum Processor: i5 8th Generation and Minimum RAM: 6GB.

For this prototype there will not be any support center at this stage.

To submit a service:

  • Service Type
  • Municipality
  • Identity type
  • Identity number
  • Customer name
  • Customer email
  • Mobile number
  • Block number
  • Road number
  • Building number
  • Flat number
  • Attach rent contract, owner CR/CPR copy, and tenant CPR or passport copy.

Once submitted applicant receive an application number over email, Also the applicant can inquire about his application by entering:

  • Enter Municipality
  • Enter identity number
  • Enter application Number

The application status is presented on the portal

For this prototype there will not be any specific helper software at this stage.

The events manager will access a web interface and can start an event recording and there will be a dashboard that shows real time numbers and chart for number of users, type of users like male, female or children.

Yes, at the end of the Prototype and once published there will be a Video and user Manual.

Yes, at the end of the Prototype and once published there will be a marketing brochure.

The prototype is developed at the CIC and AWS will provide the AWS credit to develop and test this solution, and if the application will go on production and deployed for BTEA then there will be a cost to run the application backend systems on the cloud.

The requirement to run the prototype is a stable 4G or minimum 6MbPS connection.

The prototype is developed at the CIC and AWS will provide the cameras and AWS credit to develop and test this solution.

The developed Prototype is accessed through web access dashboard tool and Google Chrome is recommended.

  • Owner CR/CPR copy
  • Contract or lease agreement for applicant 
  • Tenant CPR or passport copy

Zayirna at its current Prototype supports English only.

For this prototype there is no support provided.

Zayirna Prototype has high percentage of Accuracy and it accurately detects visitors’ faces and update the dashboard and visitors’ counter.

The developed prototype has a high percentage of accuracy; meanwhile, the accuracy has still areas of improvement and can be enhanced by gathering more data and optimizing ML model.

Zayirna at its current stage as prototype, the latency around 0.080s – 0.12s.

Zayirna at its current stage as prototype wasn’t developed to cater for high availability, failover or redundancy.

Zayirna at its current stage as prototype has one function to activate the prototype, it is meant to be a proof of concept, and there is an area of improvement and enhancement.

The prototype was developed at the CIC and AWS will provide the AWS credit to develop and test this solution, and the only cost required is the internet connectivity to access the application and backend that is on the cloud.

The Team​

Participating student bios​

Maram Mahmood

Maram Mahmood is an experienced Software Developer and a Bahrain Polytechnic Programming graduate. Driven by her passion for technology and cloud computing, she takes great pride to have been part of AWS’s Cloud Innovation Center Program for two consecutive semesters and to have been recognized for delivering two cloud-based solutions for public sector clients. She recently joined AWS as a Graduate Professional Services Consultant where she hopes to contribute to Bahrain’s digital transformation to the cloud through empowering businesses and helping them along their cloud migration journey.

Ali Ali

I count myself as a cloud enthused who is passionate about new experiences. I am eager to be challenged in innovative solutions that are expected to deliver astonishing results. As an ICT student who is about to graduate, I am thankful that I have participated in this unique challenge; I have gained valuable learnings that contribute to my future career.

Aqeelah Alghasra

Aqeelah Alghasra is a fresh graduate from Bahrain Polytechnic with Programming major. Currently, working as Web Developer trainee at Obai & Hills company. A Website/Software Developer with extensive teamwork and management skills. Having good background in creating and designing websites, programming, designing databases, Microsoft Server management, and cloud services. Has worked on different languages Python, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, API. Seeking for opportunities to implement the gained skilled and to learn and gain more experience constantly.


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