AWS , BAC and BP Cloud Innovation Center are collaborating to develop an advanced AI and ML based system to enhance customer satisfaction by shortening check in time.

Airports Resource Allocation by deploying an advanced Artificial Intelligence System (Marhaba)

Muharaq - 1st Jan 2023

AWS , BAC and BP Cloud Innovation Center are teaming to develop an AI/ML solution to capture& Analyze data elements around (Flights, destination, baggage delivery time, Aircraft Type, Load, Regular/Charter, Public Holidays, Summer Holiday, Season, Activities) so we can predict the required load /resources/staff in order to prevent future shortage in staff and work overload and to provide better services’ availability that improve the  Customer Experience.  

Until today, Bahrain Airport Passengers had to queue for long time to check in their baggage when they try to drop in baggage if they checked baggage online, while they aim to have a quick, smooth check in process to enjoy airport facilities and Duty Free shopping. 

With [Marhaba] customers will have a faster check in process and availed enough time to enjoy airport facilities. Marhaba is an advanced AI/ML solution that enables BAC to predict and avail enough staff to serve its passengers in faster and smoother process. Marhaba is enabling better allocation of airport staff that will result in enhanced Customer satisfaction rating by 15%. 

” The Bahrain Airport Company is passionate and committed to enhance their customer experience. Marhaba is here to give BAC a vehicle to accelerate their journey to Digital Transformation,” said Mike Bainbridge, EMEA Cloud Innovation Centers leader at AWS. ” we want BAC to tap into the latest AWS technologies to solve their real-world problems and increase customer satisfaction, maximize their staff allocation and ease pressure on the airport facilities with efficiency and automation”. 

The Passenger will be able to check in at the counter in less than 3 minutes and will be able to enjoy Airport Facilities, and new Duty-Free shopping experience at their ease. 

“It was an eye opener working closely with AWS and BP to develop Marhaba” said VP ICT – Mahmood AlSeddiqi. “Marhaba helps us to predict the required load /resources/staff in order to prevent future work overload and provides better services’ availability that improve our Customer Experience”

Marhaba is now live and can predict airport /counter workload and enhance customer satisfaction in real time and be able to act immediately for any potential case. 

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