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The First interactive ChatBot system for proof of address certificate

Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning announces launching of ChatBot​

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 20th January:

Normally, citizens, residents and organizations need to issue proof of address certificates by visiting the Municipality affairs and Urban Planning (MUN). Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, municipality service center was forced to stop providing some services, which surfaced an urgent need for an alternative automated solution and one that is highly available, secure and easy to use.

In response, the Innovation Center at Bahrain Polytechnic that is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in partnership with the municipality has created an interactive Chabot that facilitates the issuance of proof of address certificates. The solution automates in real time the application, inquiry, payment and collection services that were handled manually in the past.

The ChatBot uses Amazon Lex, a voice and text conversational interface that may be integrated into most applications. Amazon Lex offers advanced deep learning functionality (automatic speech recognition or ASU) for converting speech to text and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text. These capabilities enable highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interaction. Amazon Lex based ChatBot scale automatically without the need to manage infrastructure. Backend integration was achieved using AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service, and easily integrated with MUN’s existing enterprise applications and databases.

The ChatBot has enhanced customer and staff satisfaction as well as accuracy. It has also enabled employees to spend their time on more efficient and important tasks. The service also offers multiple payment options and automatically provides improved reporting and insights.

”A great opportunity and impressive efforts to leverage the partnership between governmental sectors, private sectors and education all together. An initiative that truly translates his Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, The King of Bahrain declaration during the second session of the fifth legislative term of the Shura and Representatives Council on October 13, 2019 regarding the adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in the production and service sectors and aligned with the vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030 and the government action plan 2019-2022. I would like to take the chance to express our real appreciation for the tremendous efforts, creativity and innovation spirit; the keys for making great ideas become a reality”, said Mohamed Abu Hassan, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Information – Ministry of Woks, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.

“On behalf of the Ministry, I would like to thank each and every one of the team members from AWS CIC and Bahrain Polytechnic. I am certain that this shall only be the start and that more brilliant ideas still to come, and for the students, the new faces of transformation, sincere wishes of successful future and prosperity.” he added.

ChatBot in Visuals

Have a look at how ChatBot should work

Customer FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The ChatBot proof of address service is available to citizens, expats and companies.

The ChatBot proof of address service will be deployed and integrated with MUN web Portal.

The user can use the service without authentication and should provide the following information on the ChaBot and submit.

To submit a service:

  • Service Type
  • Municipality
  • Identity type
  • Identity number
  • Customer name
  • Customer email
  • Mobile number
  • Block number
  • Road number
  • Building number
  • Flat number
  • Attach rent contract, owner CR/CPR copy, and tenant CPR or passport copy.

Once submitted applicant receive an application number over email, Also the applicant can inquire about his application by entering:

  • Enter Municipality
  • Enter identity number
  • Enter application Number

The application status is presented on the portal

At the current phase only the ChatBot proof of address service is provided

the service takes less than 5 minutes to enter required Data or enquire about The ChatBot proof of address certificate

The required attached documents for the ChatBot proof of address certificates are

  • Owner CR/CPR copy
  • Contract or lease agreement for applicant 
  • Tenant CPR or passport copy

To Inquire about the status of the service, applicant is required to enter the below information:

  • Enter Municipality
  • Enter identity number
  • Enter application Number

Once the applicant paid the service fees, the system will automatically generate the address proof certificate sign by QR Code, and then the applicant can download it from the inquiry page.

the current phase doesn’t integrate with payment, applicants should pay with the current available channels

Stakeholders FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The applicant receives an email notification after paying service fees, then the system will automatically generate the address proof certificate sign by QR Code, after that the applicant can download it from the inquiry page.

Yes, the published source code is open source

The current phase is responsive design and it doesn’t have a native mobile application

The outcome of this prototype will be deployed on MUN Portal and MUN team will manage the current phase prototype

The current Phase will be a prototype and it will not be published into production, MUN has the decision to take it to next level and make the solution production ready.

The Amazon LEX has out of the box capability to integrate with MUN web portal

The Team

Participating student bios

Mohamed Alaradi

Mohamed Alaradi is an experienced software developer and a Bahrain Polytechnic ICT graduate specialized in computer programming. During his studies, Mohamed learned the fundamentals of software development and software engineering from field experts. He utilized his knowledge and skills during his participation in AWS’s Cloud Innovation Program. During the program, Mohamed contributed to the development of two cloud-based solutions for public sector clients leveraging AWS cloud services and machine learning technologies. Mohamed aims to continue his learning journey by being a part of an enthusiastic software development team that tackles complex problems using cutting-edge technologies and advanced development concepts.

Zahra Dagher

Zahra Dagher is a Bahrain Polytechnic ICT graduate with experience and specialization in cloud computing and system administration. In 2019, she was part of a Bahraini delegation representing the Bahrain Polytechnic School of ICT in the Huawei University in Shenzhen. Recently, Zahra has worked on two challenges in the AWS Cloud Innovation Center program where she has transformed customers’ requirements into innovative cloud-based solutions. Zahra aims to leverage her knowledge and experience to empower more businesses, solve their challenges and improve their existing manual processes through automation, innovation, and emerging technologies.

Hasan Alafoo

During his study at Bahrain polytechnic, Hasan Alafoo studied for the first time AWS technologies within coursework which initiated his interest in Cloud Technologies. During his graduation semester, he had the chance to work with AWS in the CIC program, which had a great impact on his career as he is currently working at the National Bank of Bahrain as a DevOps engineer.

Aysha Adel

As a recent programming graduate from Bahrain Polytechnic, this degree has shown that coding has come to be an essential tool in life, in terms of creativity and solving challenges. There is never a single approach to every problem and that’s when innovation kicks in. I have experience in teaching the youth about Information technology, which showed how coding can alter an adolescent mindset to grow passion for it. Another memorable experience was being apart of CIC Chatbot project, collaboration and learning about the cloud have encouraged growth as a person in coding and a team member for future jobs.


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